- Canine Behavior Specialists
Ah...PUPPIES! So cute! Such joy! So soft! Such...such...OYE!

Puppies are nature's way of putting a big smile on the human's face. Who doesn't love a puppy? Whelp, all that adorableness comes with great responsibility, energy, inquisitiveness and chaos.
If the puppy isn't yours, you have the all the "good stuff". If the puppy is yours, well, I probably need not go on. But, no worries! We will help you eliminate all the drama so you can enjoy all the good stuff too. Best part? Our training will turn that adorable little fur ball of mayhem into a well-mannered pleasure and be your best friend forever, most loyal companion and embrace you with unconditional love. It simply doesn't get better than that.



Our New Puppy Jump Start program is designed to educate and prepare you and your family prior to or immediately after bringing home your new furry bundle of joy. This program consists of one 2.5-hour private lesson in your home. We teach you everything you need to know to prepare you, your family and your home appropriately to ensure a positive experience is had by all!
  • Potty Training
  • Puppy Proofing Your Home and Yard
  • Environmental Management & Safety
  • Puppy Nipping
  • Proper Crate Sizing and Training (if desired)
  • Necessary Supplies
  • Appropriate Toys and Treats
  • Feeding Schedules & Proper Nutrition
  • Preventing Inappropriate Chewing & Destruction
  • How To Begin A Positive, Successful Training Regime


1). If you want to be present for your puppy's training, we schedule private in home training sessions at your convenience. Since puppies grow at the speed of light, it's really not a matter of if it will happen, it's as matter of when it will happen. Your puppy may not be able to reach the top of your counters today but don't be surprised to witness this new feat of reach ability tomorrow! In order to avoid problems before they get an opportunity to start, we suggest puppy training appointments start with a minimum of once a week. However, we can always make adjustments accordingly and still accomplished extremely successful results!.

2). If you cannot be present for the training, we have in-home puppy day train programs that are the perfect solution. We come to your home, train your puppy for you and then transfer everything your puppy learned to you so you can maintain the training and good behavior successfully. 

"As a veterinarian for 24 years, I see many dogs and their owners everyday. Barbara has consistently had well-behaved and gentle dogs. This does not occur by happenstance. Not only is Barbara an attentive, loving leader to her dogs, it is obvious that Barbara handles and works with her dogs in a positive manner that results in happy, healthy and well adjusted pets".          Dr. Claudia Horvath, DVM