Dear Barbara,
There aren’t words to properly thank you enough for the miraculous difference you made in my dog, Rosie. As you well know, when I first called you I was certain my hopes of helping her were lost. You were so kind and understanding I decided to give it another try. All I wanted was a happy dog that wasn’t frightened of her own shadow, wanted to go for walks and would simply leave the house!
The first time you came to our home, as was typically the case whenever we had guests, Rosie hid under a chair, was scared to death and would not come out from under. You devised a plan and let me know it was going to take time. I’ll never forget how you put it; “First we have to teach her how to be “bad,” then we’ll teach her how to be “good!” Thing is, teaching her how to be “bad” is going to take more time.” You were so right.
When you arrived for our third session she flew to the door (she had never done that in her life). I’ll never forget how happy you were to see this but we still had work to do. While it did take a bit of time, she began venturing outside further and further from the house. Before long she became confident and loved going for her walks so much, she began pulling on the leash! Now we could teach her how to be “GOOD!” Just as you said, that was a piece of cake. Everything you said, everything you did and everything you taught us was right on target. Your patience, your compassion and your knowledge are unsurpassed. Rosie is the happiest dog on earth and I am the happiest woman. (Consequently, Al is the happiest husband! ;)
It is said things happen for a reason. Rosie brought you into our lives. Not only did you give her the help she needed, we are blessed to have gained you and Tess as very dear friends.
Thank you, Barbara. We hope life holds only the very best for you.
Love, Gloria, Al and Rosie Greenstein

• I love Barbara and so do my dogs!!!!!!!! She is the best trainer around. She is excellent with animals; her style is very positive! Not only is she knowledgeable regarding how to train dogs, it doesn't hurt that she is patient with pet owners as well ;) Two big thumbs up! I highly recommend her to help you with your dogs behavior problems. We now call her Auntie Barb! She is great :)
Thank you from Francy J.

• My chihuahua Maybe-line would always bolt outside whenever l opened my doors. I was so afraid I would lose her or she would get hurt! Barbara solved this problem for us very quickly! Maybe-line no longer bolts and is actually better, she stays by my side. Thanks to Barbara, her trainer.
Maria Armenteros

• Hi Barbara,
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed taking your Basic Obedience Class with Tank. Over the years I have attended other classes through Parks and Recreation and PetSmart. Your class, by far, has been the best. I am looking forward to the Intermediate class.
Raising K9's Barbara Adler is the best trainer I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I have trained many dogs over the last 50 years and Barbara is the most informed trainer out there. She knows dogs and her techniques work!!
Ed Froment

• I wanted to let you know that Gracie and I received our conformation letter from the Delta Society for registered therapy dog. We are now "ready for action!" Just waiting for our badges........We will be in the Paws for Healing program which will allow Gracie to work her magic for folks (especially kids) who are in the hospital and are in need of an emotional lift. Thank you for showing me the correct way to train my dog. Your training program was always fun, easy going, to the point, and Gracie loved it. If you need a reference, please don't hesitate to give me a call. Having an obedient, loving companion is such a joy and the results of your program in just 6 months was truly amazing!! Take care and please let us know about any upcoming dog parties!
Jerry Newman & Gracie

• Hi Barb:
I just wanted to let you know that Molly passed her Delta evaluation today with a score of 38 out of 40. Thank you for all of your knowledge and help with getting Molly ready for her evaluation. I think the best and most important thing that helped me handle her is the "Focus" command. It gets her right on cue with me. Everyone is impressed with that command! Anyway, I did not want you to think I disappeared and was not appreciative. I have just been very busy and just continued to reinforce what you have taught Molly and me.
Once again, thanks.

• Barbara,               
Gracie and I will begin our animal assisted therapy volunteer program at UCI Medical Center on Jan. 5 2011. We want to thank you for the training that we both received and the information on how to proceed with the registration/evaluation process for therapy dogs.
I called you in April 2010 to inquire about training Gracie the basic commands needed for pet therapy work. We followed your training techniques step by step. In August 2010, we passed our test for the Delta Society Pet Partners program.
Now, we have been accepted for the UCI Tails program!
If you ever need a referral, please don't hesitate to call. The training for doing therapy dog work was fun. Now the real fun is about to begin!
Take Care,
Jerry Newman & Gracie

• Guess what!? I had Lilo on the couch and did not want to move her because she was comfortable... got up to go to the bathroom and did a stay hand at Cheeto so he wouldn't move and make Lilo move and it worked! Even though I haven't been totally consistent with the kids! Amazing! So, moral of the story... you ...are a superb trainer who has made my dogs and myself happier!!!!!
Thank you :) xo
The Jenkos

• Thank you for a great class. Roxy and I enjoyed learning from you.
Laurie Wall

• Barbara,
Joe and I want you to know how much we've enjoyed the classes. We can see improvement already though we know with a Lab, it's a long term project! Thanks for the extra week as well. We're glad to have found you and look forward to a long term relationship.
Kathy and Joe Roah

• After the loss of our 16 year old retriever; my husband brought home Kobe, a 6 week old lab mix. He had been abandoned and abused. The idea of a puppy in the house and all the training issues to come made my head spin!
Kobe was a handful with endless energy!!  I by chance stopped in a Petco Store and inquired about training classes. Then we found Barbara!!
Barbara Adler is extremely knowledgeable and totally dedicated to her profession. Barbara demonstrated her training techniques with each pup and owner individually as well as observing the “students” try it on their own. In addition to the lesson at hand Barbara would always explain why it was necessary to do things a certain way (often from a dogs’ point of view). This offered the owners a better understanding of their pups’ behavior and in turn helped to develop a deeper bond.
Barbara boarded Kobe for us for 5 days while we were out of town. Kobe became part of the family right away!  Tess, her chocolate lab and Kobe soon were best buddies. Kobe slept on his own bed in Barbara’s home along side Tess and Casper the cat. Barbara encouraged me to call her anytime if I had any concerns about Kobe’s stay. She even prepared a “diary” from Kobe describing his daily new adventures. I have never felt better about leaving a pet behind.
I highly recommend Barbara Adler as a professional trainer and behaviorist. Dogs are her passion and it shows. If anyone wishes to contact me regarding her expertise; Barbara has my permission to give out my phone number.
Greg, Chris and Kobe Ralston