• I have known Barbara Adler for over 15 years. As a veterinarian for 24 years, I see many dogs and their owners everyday. Barbara has consistently had well-behaved and gentle dogs. This does not occur by happenstance. Not only is Barbara an attentive, loving leader to her dogs, it is obvious that Barbara handles and works with her dogs in a positive manner that results in happy, healthy and well adjusted pets.
Barbara has expressed her desire to further her education in pursuit of a doctorate in Veterinary medicine with an emphasis on behavioral science. I support her decision to pursue any goal related to animal medicine and behavior.  Barbara loves animals and is passionate about their health, safety and well-being. She would be completely dedicated to her chosen profession of helping pets and their owners and having a positive impact on their lives.
In summary, I highly recommend Barbara Adler for any position that she should choose and/or seek to pursue in the companion animal field.
Dr. Claudia Horvath, DVM
Medical Director
Los Alamitos Animal Hospital
4102 Katella Ave.
Los Alamitos, CA 90720

• Dog training and dog trainers cover a vast array of skills and goals. Some trainers achieve results by simply having the dog follow commands, but the dog does not understand “why” they are doing something, only to “react” to a command. Barbara Adler is a trainer who understands what the canine is thinking and how the dog perceives their environment, and as such, will instill and ingrain in a dog the foundational base so the dog not only complies, but also understands. Barbara is a flexible trainer who is adaptive to the ever-changing needs of both the dog and owner. She has the ability to quickly access any situation and react appropriately.
Barbara’s flexibility in training allows her to adjust to the changing dynamics involved to adequately train a dog. She does not adhere to a “fixed” mindset or schedule most trainers follow, and as such, has the freedom to obtain “results” and achieve goal objectives quicker and that the goals have permanence and long lasting effects.
Barbara also has the ability to understand behavioral problems and to adequately address them. Many traditional dog trainers lack this ability, or do not understand the dynamics involved. Barbara has a solid knowledge base of the principles involved for behavioral modification and to change a dog’s behavior. As a PhD Animal Behaviorist, I understand how important this ability is. Barbara not only has a complete understanding of the dynamics involved but the ability to implement them in any training program. Barbara has the ability to quickly access what is the best course of action for any given situation or circumstance. When trying to change a dog’s behavior, correct a problem behavior, or to teach and instill new concepts in the dog, this ability is necessary.
Barbara Adler has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to accomplish what any dog owner wishes to achieve in the most affective way. She has realistic expectations and will not give “false promises” as many other trainers do just to appease owners. This practice of false expectations often results in incomplete training, failure of the dog to comply, and an emotional letdown of owners who are discouraged. Barbara is a no-nonsense trainer who will get the results in a straightforward manner.
Dr. Charles A Bortell, PhD, Applied Animal Behaviorist

• I have known Barbara Adler for over 10 years, as a client of the veterinary hospital where I was previously employed, and we continue to remain in touch. She is a true animal lover, and would do anything for the well-being of pets. She has always known that her dream was to work in the animal care profession, and she dedicated herself to making it come true. I can vouch for her genuine passion for dogs, having experienced it firsthand. Her patience and fondness for animals makes her an ideal person for this profession. I have witnessed her handling her dogs and her interaction with them was always loving and gentle. In addition, I know her to be an honest and caring person, and I have the utmost confidence in her integrity and dedication to the profession of caring for and training dogs.
Soma Rao-Karnes, RVT
Owner/Hospital Administrator
Parkview Pet Hospital
4103 Viking Way, Suite A,
Long Beach, CA 90808

• Barbara Adler is a born teacher. Her love of dogs and people translates into the best combination for teaching the human and training the dog. She has a positive and enthusiastic attitude that makes training fun as well as meaningful.
Dr. Lois Abrams, Ph.D., Delta Society Evaluator and Instructor.
Huntington Beach, CA

• I have known Barbara Adler for some time. We met though working at Petco where I was the Companion Animal Department Manager and she was our Dog Trainer. From the time Barbara arrived we witnessed a great increase in sales and as soon as she started her classes it showed why. She would take time out of her personal schedule to do her best to benefit the dogs she was helping. She took in some of the worst behaved dogs and by the end of her courses turned them around to being great family dogs. Since she has left my store, we have not had near the success or compliments from our training program. I would hire Barbara in a heartbeat should I ever encounter a training issue.
Travis Haught
Companion Animal Department Manager, PETCO
Westminster, CA

• Barbara Adler was the Dog Trainer at the Petco Store I managed. Her abilities as a dog trainer are extraordinary. During her first 3 months of employment with the company she brought our store’s dog training sales up by 40%, bringing our store up from last in the division to first, primarily through word of mouth. Barbara is not only a highly experienced and knowledgeable trainer she is a talented trainer. She has that “knack” you rarely see. Seeing the difference in the dogs she trained was outstanding. The pet parents were thrilled and the dogs were actually happier. I highly recommend Barbara as your dog trainer.
Hugo Campos
Manager, PETCO
Westminster, CA