Raising K9 is owned, operated and was founded by Barbara Adler, ABCDT, CPDT-KA. Our mission is to keep dogs in their homes through educating people. We are passionate about improving and enhancing the lifelong relationship between dogs and their families. Raising K9 puts clients first and is well respected, endorsed and referred to by Veterinarians, Doctors of Applied Animal Behavior, Delta Society evaluators, professional groomers, colleagues and clients. 
Barbara Adler, ABCDT, CPDT-KA attended Northeastern Illinois University (formerly Chicago Teacher's College), Broward College School of Art and is a graduate of Animal Behavior College. She is nationally certified by The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), a professional member of The Association of Pet
Dog Trainers (APDT) and a general member of The Association of Animal Behavior Professionals (AABP). With a combined total of over 20 years experience, Barbara
began training dogs professionally for the Coast Guard. She has worked with Veterinarians, held the position of Head Dog Trainer at Petco, assisted in Therapy Dog training workshops and has been a Therapy Dog team handler. Committed to providing the most effective, convenient solutions to her clients’ dog training needs, Barbara avidly pursues ongoing continuing education and professional development by attending seminars and keeping current on all industry literature. Educated in various forms of training methods, Barbara uses positive reinforcement techniques based on scientific studies in Ethology, Learning Theory and Animal Husbandry. When not helping her clients enjoy life with their canine companions, Barbara competes in Dock Diving with her dog, Tess. At the age of 16 months, Tess became a dockdogs National title qualifier.
• Barbara's dog Trooper held the titles CD, CDX, was a CGC and Certified Therapy Dog. Passing his evaluations with a perfect score, he twice obtained the designation Complex, the highest title a dog can receive from The Delta Society. They were honored to be invited to and attend The Special Olympics. Having been certified by Pet Partners, Paws 4 Healing and The Delta Society, Barbara pre-evaluates and trains dogs for Therapy Dog work.
  "Barbara Adler is a born teacher. Her love of dogs and
  people translates into the best combination for   
  teaching the human and training the dog. She has a
  positive and enthusiastic attitude that makes training
  fun as well as meaningful."
  Dr. Lois Abrams, Ph.D., Delta Society Evaluator 
  and Instructor.
• Barbara's very first "dog of her own," was a very special Black Labrador Retriever named Captain. He was a typical rambunctious Lab puppy that had a passion for shoes. And rugs. And furniture. Oh, and walls! But, he was the light of her life. At the age of
seven months Captain was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. At the time, the surgeries and rehab programs of today did not exist and she was advised to put him down. Refusing to even consider that, Barbara found Dr. George, a Veterinarian who had a surgery he felt could possibly help. Captain had the surgery. While he came through with flying colors, Barbara was told Captain would be lucky if he lived to be nine. Finding that prognosis unacceptable, Barbara devised her own rehab program for Captain. She took him swimming and down to the Marina where he could walk while in the water every single day for the next three years. Before long he was jumping off docks and diving under water to retrieve rocks. People from all parts of the world knew him as "that black dog in Florida that dives under water." Captain lived a glorious life of 17 years. And, he never suffered with Arthritis. Barbara's rehab program was so successful, Dr. George adopted it and with further research, testing and technology it became the forefront for the canine Hydrotherapy programs used today. GIVING UP IS EASY. GIVING IT YOUR ALL IS PRICELESS.